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About Us

About Us

What we do

MDI Medical Ltd is one of Ireland’s leading suppliers of high quality medical devices for Patient Monitoring, Ultrasound Imaging, Diagnostic Instruments and Clinical IT systems.

MDI was established in 1987 and has its headquarters in Kells Co. Meath.

We have 30 years of experience and local knowledge, developed while working with the medical community in Ireland.

All our customers are supported by dedicated and well trained sales and service professionals. After product installation, you can expect expert technical service and clinical support from our team of professionals. MDI Medical personnel are trained to handle your most challenging questions and provide an unparalleled level of customer care. Throughout the MDI Medical team there is a wealth of experience appropriate to the provision of medical devices of any scope along with the full range of the necessary skills. MDI Medical’s experience enables it to:

  • supply, service and maintain medical devices
  • establish and maintain connectivity of medical devices to monitoring and archiving systems
  • implement clinical management systems using appropriate bio-engineering and IT skills
  • manage rolling out and ‘going live’  of large scale projects in a clinical environment
  • taking large diverse groups of clinical end users through documented ‘competency based’ training programmes

Commitment to Quality

To ensure consistency of performance at the highest level within our technical support operation, MDI Medical was successful in achieving ISO13485:2012 Medical Devices certification. This Quality Management System is at the heart of all our technical support activities and requires the highest standards. It is exactly the same standard that a medical device manufacturer must attain in order to be allowed CE mark registration for a product. MDI Medical’s Quality Management System is audited annually by the NSAI and tested against the ISO13485:2012 Medical Devices standard. We believe that while some others distributors may have this certification, we are the only supplier in Ireland that has, within the scope of the standard, the supply and commissioning of ultrasound scanners.

Project Management Skills

MDI Medical has become involved in major projects on a much more regular basis and so has formally adopted the principles of Project Management for the delivery of large scale and complex solutions.

The objective of the Project Management Process is to provide a clear, structured approach for delivering the larger, more complex projects in which MDI Medical is involved. The Project Management framework details the sequence of deliverables associated with each project and the processes required to manage that Project.